Top 5 Cheapest and Fastest Home Gym Equipment to Not Get Bored

Top 5 Home Gym Equipment 1

Let’s say there is some hypothetical kind of emergency, like a pandemic or something…

You have 1 hour to get all the supplies you’ll need to keep your training effective and interesting for the next 8 weeks (without leaving your house).

Or maybe you are really tight on funds because your job just put you on forced leave for an undefined amount of time and you want to save money.

Or MAYBE, stay with me on this one, you are traveling to Mars at 1 G acceleration and you can only bring a backpack…

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Corona Virus COVID 19 Gym Owner Survival Guide

Corona Virus Gym Owner Survival Guide

"Should I cut back hours?"

"What if they shut us down completely?"

"How can I cover some costs and payroll while people are prevented from coming to the gym?"

As many parts of the world are going into shut down mode for the COVID-19 Corona virus, there is a lot of uncertainty about how this will affect our own individual lives. This includes what we should do about our fitness businesses.

In some locations, gyms are closing or limiting hours to prevent the spread of the contagion. In others,…

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Cry in the Dojo, Laugh on the Battlefield. BUT...


National emergency.png

Or, as Adam Carolla once put it (while making fun of ‘hardcore’ Tae Kwon Do instructors):

“Sweat on the mat, or BLEED on the street.”

If you are like me, these phrases get you fired up to go and train.

Personally, I think it is because I like to be over-prepared. I usually carry a backpack with all sorts of potentially useful stuff (multitool, tape, extra batteries, notebooks, protein bars, etc.). I like to do a ton research before I enter a new experience. I always have the most stuff …

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5 Things You Can Do in the next Hour to Get Started on Your next Big Accomplishment



The problem with goals or resolutions is that they can be intimidating to start and demotivating to maintain

After choosing a goal/outcome and an end date, it is best to focus on the daily/weekly habits and routines that you need to do to get you there. Here are some ideas on how to get started and stay consistent...

1.      Determine the smallest, easiest, thing you need to start to make progress

The smaller & easier, the better. The goal is to make it so easy, you there is no reason NOT …

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I did CrossFit for 15 Years and This is What it Did to My Body

15 years of CrossFit collage.png

I started CrossFit when I was 24. I am writing this on my 40th birthday. I hate working out, and I have never had a membership to a gym (even though I have owned a more than a few).

It has been a crazy journey and I’d like to share some of my history, my mistakes, and what I have learned along the way. This is a ‘long one’ so make sure your coffee is topped off and/or you have your reading glasses handy.

TL;DR Notes

  • We have come A LONG way since the early days of CrossFit. I was young eno…

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CrossFit Open 20.4 Breakdown and Tips

What a great workout!

I love the combination of easy/approachable movements that moves to progressively more advanced ones and the combination of a bodyweight movement with the heavy stuff!

The Workout: 

30 box jumps (20" | 24")
15 clean and jerks, (65 | 95 lb)
30 box jumps
15 clean and jerks, (85 | 135 lb)
30 box jumps
10 clean and jerks, (115 | 185 lb)
30 single-leg squats
10 clean and jerks, (145 | 225 lb)
30 single-leg squats
5 clean and jerks, (175 | 275 lb)
30 single-leg squats
5 clean and jerks…

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CrossFit Open 20.3 Breakdown and Tips


Scroll down to see the deep dive into everything from pacing according to your abilities, what gear you should wear, movement points (including hand release push ups and bear crawls), etc.

This 'update' is just to cover some stuff that you may have missed (basically a TL;DR version)

Main Points

The workout is - 21-15-9 Deadlifts (155 / 225) and Handstand Push Ups then 21-15-9 Deadlifts (205 / 315) with a 50' HS Walk or Bear Crawl in between 


Exact point in the…

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Thrivestry Podcast 21 - Season 2 is here! Say NO to bad workouts and will weights make you 'bulky'?

Season 2 is here! We are changing the format a bit for this season. We are going to be talking more about workout programming and going over the prevailing 'myths' we see regularly in the fitness/exercise world. Today we talk about 'bad' workouts, how to spot them, what are the red flags for bad workouts, and what should you do when you visit a gym (or a friend recruits you) and you have to decide how to approach a bad workout. We also talk about the myth "lifting weights will make me bulky". …

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It is the CrossFit Open, what do I do with the rest of the my week to stay healthy?

The CrossFit Open is a special time in our training year, and we need to approach it differently than we would our usual training.

It is important that if you are taking the Open pretty seriously that you do your best to rest the day before and the day after (or at least, do them at a reduced intensity).

In general, Open workouts are not designed to be good ‘training’ workouts (workouts that make you better).png

With that in mind, Open workouts (even when done ‘for fun’) tend to put a lot more strain on your body’s central nervous system (CNS) and tissues. This additional strain WILL outpace your ab…

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CrossFit Open 20.2 Breakdown and Tips

Still trying to keep the videos short... at least the video is shorter than the workout this time!

Main Points

The workout is - As many rounds as possible (AMRAP) in 20 minutes

  • 4 DB Thrusters (35lb / 50lb)
  • 6 Toes to Bar
  • 24 Double Unders

Dumbbell Thrusters

Exact point in the video: 

  • "Squat Curls" are okay! (you don't have to stand up all the way when picking the DBs up.
  • The DBs must start on the floor (no putting them on a box)
  • Place the DBs …

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