Why Thrivestry?


What is the main purpose of Thrivestry Gym Programming for owners?

Great programming takes time. We want to provide the best programming for members with ample extra layers so they become programming ‘connoisseurs’. When clients benefit from good programming they will be less likely to leave because they will know that they have some of the best programming in the world! On top of that, we want to save the 30+ hours per month gyms must invest to create the programming, while also taking out the constant stress of worrying about when it needs to get done.

What is the difference between Thrivestry Gym Programming and other programming services?

The lead Programming Architect is Jeremy Jones, who has been programming 7 days a week continuously since 2006 (as well as doing CrossFit since 2004 and programming since 2005). His athletes have podiumed at the Games numerous times, and he understands the differences between ‘competition’ training and the ‘life’ training that most people want. The daily gym programming is designed to extremely coachable. It doesn’t require copious amounts of equipment, space, or movements to be taught in a single hour. Every element is ‘programmed’ from the context of the day, down to the cash outs at the end, according to the week’s workouts and the longer view. Every day has detailed ‘coaching tips’, scaling guides for timing purposes, multiple scaling options, videos for coaches, and more!

What is the main purpose of Thrivestry Gym Programming for coaches?

We provide ample direction and tools so coaches can focus on the coaching and client experience. There isn’t too much programmed into each day so the coaches feel ‘rushed’. There is enough flexibility so that coaches can ‘put their own flavor’ into each class and make it their own. We don’t want ‘coach bots’!

Who is the Competition Programming designed for?

It is designed for people who already have a moderate level of ability (can do most, if not all, of the gym programming at the Performance/Scale Up level). People following this programming consistently will have a shot at making Regionals on their team or as an individual.

What is the main purpose of Thrivestry Gym Programming for clients?

Lesson plans and workouts that provide safe, fun, and extremely effective results. It is designed for flexibility so that clients can customize their experiences toward their own goals and abilities.

More than just Programming

Great workouts and results come from good programming and good coaching .. from awesome humans


In addition to the lesson plans, we also provide:

  • Weekly articles on running your gym, handling coaches and members, the psychology of community, how to build habits, and more!  
  • Weekly articles and videos from around the web for you to learn and to share on your own social media feeds.
  • Subtle 'tweaks' to make sure your members have the best experience each day (like the labels "Heath" vs "Novice" -because nobody wants to be a 'novice' forever, the fact that the "Women's Rx" is more subtle so that men's egos are protected when they do "Athletic" weights, etc.)




 "I have a L3 and 6 years of experience. I have always lived by the notion of learning is how you improve and have tons of weekend certs with the expert in that field, but you are taking our programming to the next level. I can see it just by watching the videos and reading your responses to questions on the forum."

Chris Auster, Owner & Head Coach, CrossFit Bridge City




Inside Thrivestry

Programmed Layers

We have 8 different layers that helps the athlete improve mobility, skill, get warmed up to prepare for their strength and metcon. All of this prepared for the coaches to manage class in under 1 hour. 

Scaling Guide

Every workout / movement has "Health", "Athletic" or "Performance" option with a 'scale up' option on most days. Scaling Guide shows a target range of rounds, reps or time.

Scaling Options

Scaling Options helps athletes make better scaling choices, keeps people on the same program, and helps coaches adapt movements mid workout.

Coaching Tips

Every Programming sheet includes Coaching Tips (text and video) to help coaches manage class and watch for form. 

Daily Skill & Mobility

We prescribe mobility and skill work, and budget enough time for coaches to do the warm up that best suits their skills and their client’s needs.

Unilateral Limb Work

We include ample amounts of single arm / single leg work for people in the skill and strength portions to help fix asymmetries and produce more potent strength gains.

Programming Cycles

We follow an annual calendar that prepares people for the Open and we program for a barbell sport like weightlifting or powerlifting. On top of that, we program a 6 week strength focus where we focus on one lift (with other lifts mixed in). We test in and test out of the lift every 8 weeks.

Programming for Everyone

The daily gym programming is designed for people who already have a moderate level of ability (can do most, if not all) but will also prepare the ‘weekend warriors’ for the Open and any local competitions. For those looking to make Regionals or do more advanced competitions, we have our ‘Competition Programming'

"Cash Outs"

These are additional workouts for some people who want 'more' to customize their experience towards their goals. They do not conflict with movement patterns from the daily workout and are set up to be done after class, with minimal equipment, and no coaching. 




"In my 2nd month of Thrivestry, it already meshed well with our previous programming  without drama or change. Folks LOVE the workouts... and it saves me that stress and time. All good."

- Michael Manning, Owner & Head Coach of Harbor City CrossFit






Cycle Start

Because we use a 6 week strength focus, you can jump in at any time! If you start during the first week or two, there will still be enough volume to see a benefit. If you start during week 3 or 4, you are jumping in right before the test of the next strength focus. If you start during week 5 or 6, you’ll see the benefit of the prep that goes into the next focus.

Class Duration

The daily plans are structured so that they follow a very similar format each day, we also give time breakdowns on the daily videos each week for reference. We do not post the times on the daily programming so that coaches have the flexibility to shape the class the way they want. We also provide a ‘scaling guide’ so coaches and members know how long a workout is supposed to take. This prevents a lot of wasted time as athletes finish with vastly different times as well as makes sure the coach knows when to start the workout so that it fits in the hour.

Gym Equipment, Space, Weather and Holidays

We adapt to space, weather and create special workouts during holidays. We also provide modifications for just about any piece of equipment! But if you have1/3 to  ½ the number of rowers as the class size, 1-2 climbing ropes, and ¼ the number of sleds (push or pull). We do not require air bikes, multiple barbells per athlete, excessive rings for muscle ups, etc.

Software integration

We have partnered with Beyond the Whiteboard and TrainHeroic.  If you subscribe through them, the workouts will be automatically uploaded and scheduled for you!


We provide Competition Programming for those looking to make Regionals or do more advanced competitions. The Competition and Gym programming are integrated so that people doing competition programming can still participate in regular classes and be a part of the community. 


Delivery Time

We send out the programming a week at a time 4-5 weeks in advance.






"All members of the gym like knowing that there is an option for them to ‘step up’ their training, even if they never use it! For those who are into the competition side, it is a great way to keep them involved in the community - as opposed to them doing their own programming off in a corner. With the extra services, the gym can make money on this program far over what it costs"

- Jeremy Jones, Thrivestry Master Programmer





Starting Point

We ask that gyms stick with the programming at least 3 months to make sure the clients get the benefit of a strength cycle or two. 

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Monthly Plan

Billing is month to month. We start the billing the day you sign up, and bill monthly the same day each month.

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