Great (and Easy) Offsite Team Workout for Holidays and to Get out of the Gym

Here is a GREAT option for an offsite activity that builds community and works great if you want to close the gym for a day.

First, our brains developed so we could move. Then they developed so we could connect. Your gym should help you do both..png

This week’s programming has Thanksgiving for those in the US so I’d like to give you guys an option for a fun park/trail workout that we’ve been doing for years. It works great for community building and getting out into the real world to meet some possible new clients.  And it is a very good option for holidays when you want to close up the gym!...

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'On the Minute' Drills Are Great, but Let's Not Overdue It!

EMOM Madness.png

I’d like to start by saying that using the clock to keep the class on time and/or to keep people moving at the right pace during lifting and drills is a great idea! We do these regularly for shorter efforts/drills and I encourage everyone to use it to help the lifting portion of the class on time.

For example, after some coaching and warm up sets, you should start the timer and say “Okay everyone! We have 20 minutes to do 6 sets of 3 reps. Complete one set every 3 minutes or...

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Why you need to log your workouts and how to stop hating PRs

Do you know why we make workouts that have scores?  

It has much less to do with competing than you might think.

The reason the workouts have scores is so that they are ‘measurable and REPEATABLE’. It is NOT about beating someone else at the gym that day or seeing how you stack up amongst everyone else in the world that did the same workout.

Upset about PRing.png

(Damnit Steve!)

It is so you can see how far YOU have come.

If you are competing against anyone, it is yourself of yesterday.


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CrossFit Open Summary Through 2018

 CrossFit Open Summary Screenshot.png
(Download this: CF_Open_Summary_-_Updated_thru_2018.pdf for a larger file and one that has performance data for top 200, top 1000, and top 2000 in the world).

Attached you’ll find the summary of all of the Open workouts to date with performance data from the CrossFit Games Website. As usual, we have also included the frequency of each movement and what are possible movements that may show up in future years.

If you are interested in improving your performances in the...

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Let me introduce Anne, and her blog "Healthy and Sane-ish"

Some of you may have figured out that I have a new person helping me with Thrivestry back end stuff. Her name is Anne and we all are lucky to have her!

   29541779_10156112833901897_6760492052745655093_n.jpg   2018-07-11 20.22.49.png
(Here she is doing the CrossFit Open, and back squatting 235 for 3)

Anne is not only one of my wife’s best friends, she is also one of my own… and she was also crazy enough to be one of my first clients over 10 years ago (I think it is more like 12 years at this point)!

After years of working in...

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Money is Time and Why You Should Invest in a Better Gym/Coach


time is money and death.png

You’ve probably heard of the axiom “Time is Money”, but how often have you heard “Money is Time”?

There is an important distinction here. While not all time can be converted into money (having more time doesn’t automatically mean that you can make more money with that time), money can usually be turned into more time.

You can pay to have someone clean your house. You can pay to have dinner made for you. You can pay to ride the train (or be driven)...

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Joe Rogan, Firas Zahabi, Flow, Volume, and Soreness

I got a great question from Chad about the following video (it is a bit long, but it has some great points from the perspective of a Professional Fighter) and you may want to share this with your community:


Hey Jeremy, any immediate thoughts on Firas Zahabi's training approach?

  • Never sore
  • Consistency over intensity
  • Volume is more important than intensity
  • Bodyweight exercises over barbell
  • Flow state - halfway between anxiety and boredom
  • ...

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The Goal of Your Workout Isn't to Become 'Sore', It Is to Become 'Better' (Reducing Soreness from Workouts)


Soreness rules wheelchair.png

Avoid Unnecessary Soreness

Being sore is pretty much an unavoidable part of training, but that doesn’t mean we should ‘look’ to be sore or that it is only a good workout if you are really sore!

General muscle soreness the day or two after a workout is usually called “Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness” (or DOMS). It is caused by muscle damage that occurs during workouts. This discomfort is one of the signals that tells our bodies to grow more muscle, increase...

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 Are you a Librarian Coach or a Professor Coach?

There seems to be two types of coaches that run classes at gyms like ours. There are people who tend to “manage” the class (Librarians), and those that tend to “lead” the class (Professors).

librarian einstein question.png

Comparing Librarians and Professors

Librarians do as little talking as possible and prevent others from talking so people can focus on themselves and their work. Professors talk in great detail and encourage discussions.

Librarians care most about order and neatness. Professors...

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The Good News and the Bad News about Why You Are Not Progressing


“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”.png

“Why am I not progressing?”

Is it the schedule (can’t make it in when I want)? Is it the coaching? Is it the programming? Is it your jump rope? Your shoes? Your training partners?

I’ve got good news and bad news.

The good news is that it is completely in your control.

The bad news… is that it is completely in your control.

I hate to break it to you, but if you aren’t progressing it probably isn’t something external.

You probably...

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