CrossFit Open 21.3 & 4 Breakdown and tips

What a finish to the 2021 Open!

Great combo of movements. Two scoring opportunities. Safety built in. I think it is great!

The video is long (you can always watch it at 1.25 or 1.5 speed), but I tried to keep it to things that you won’t see on other breakdowns.

I talk about why the 8’ rule, how front squats can make your grip tired, what to do during the rests, what shoes to wear, pointing toes, riding one wheels, how to get your first toes to bar or chest to bar, the secret to bar muscle ups, what you should do if you can’t do chest to bar or bar muscle ups (warming up the complex), a tip for re-gripping the bar, when to pose for photos, and more!

Good luck, have fun, stay safe, and don't forget to celebrate another finish to the Open!

Thrive on.


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Bryan Cisterman

I have always benefited from your instruction and your very light hearted way of encouraging and coaching for us regular folks. You got me to hit many of my firsts back when I started CF at your gym10 years ago and I have always waited to do the open workout until after I see your tips on the Thrivestry blog. 21.3 & 4 were no exception, thank you. I am now in the 60-64 yr old age group and I hope to be doing this for some time.

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