"Improving the Average" Method


Hey Everyone!

You have heard the phrase “you are the average of the people closest to you”?

I propose that your awareness of your average execution over the last 4 days has is a more direct reflection over who you will be in 1 week, 1 month, 1 year, 10 years…

It is too easy to have one or two bad days dominate our thoughts and actions. To derail our progress. It is all too common to put off change because we haven’t been doing well lately (so we’ll start next week). Or shirk our responsibilit…

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Just This Once


We’ve all said it...

I’ll have another piece of candy, just this once.

I’ll skip going to the gym, just this once.

I’ll watch another episode, just this once.

If it really were just this once it wouldn’t be an issue. The problem arises when all of the ‘onces’ start adding up and we become frustrated with our lack of progress or wonder why we can never seem to change.

A lot of this has to do with human psychology.

We are wired to dismiss or ignore small slips. We minimize the seemingly insi…

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Jesus, Webcam Girls, Gyms, and the Oil Embargo of 1973

Jesus Webcam Girls Oil Embargo


I assure you… the title is not clickbait. (Refill you coffee or adult beverage, this is a long one. It might be a good idea to bookmark it to review again in the future because understanding it can change your whole perspective on coaching and leadership… -jj)

There are some important lessons we can take from these things if we look at them through the lens of a single principle. A principle that most (if not all) successful coaches, gyms, mentors, and businesses follow (whether they know it…

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5 Things to Avoid When Getting Back into the Gym After a Hiatus

5 Things to Avoid When Getting Back to the Gym

You’ve been out of the gym for a while.

Maybe it has been a few weeks. Maybe it has been a few months.

Maybe… it has been years or a decade since you have trained or exercised consistently.

When starting back up after an extended break, there are some things to keep in mind to make the transition the most successful. Here are 5 things you should avoid (and what to do instead) when getting back to the gym

TL;DR... Avoid:

  1. Expecting it to feel the same as when you left
  2. Changing your diet dr…

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Managing Risk When Opening the Gym Back Up

When it comes to opening back up under limited capacity, there are a ton of great resources that gyms/mentor groups have been putting out. It is up to you to decide when you want to open up, and what protections specifically you want to put into place. Today we are going to cover some bigger principles, some recommendations, and what the real purpose to opening back up early is.

Managing Risk and Perceptions.png

Remember that opening back up is an exercise in risk management. You will want to balance the benefits of opening u…

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How to Go From CrossFit Class Coach to Top Notch Personal Training Wiz

On on one does not equal group class of one

Are you (or your CrossFit class coaches) nervous about coaching personal training sessions? 

Are you asking yourself: "How is a 1-on-1 different than a class?"

Or maybe: "How can I provide the best value as a Personal Trainer?"

I've met hundreds of CrossFit coaches who have never taught a one on one session before. Many were totally comfortable coaching a class of 10-15 people, but got sweaty palms thinking about what to do for an hour with a single individual paying a dollar a minute (or mor…

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Drawing Back the String

reset button

Many gyms are getting excited about being open again. That is great!

But before we go charging down that path, we need to step back and do some strategic work.

“To launch the arrow, first you must draw back the string.”

This article is less about what are going to be the best practices for a ‘soft launch’ of opening up your physical space and more about what re-structuring you can do during the shut down and as you ramp back up. How you can ‘draw the string’ to launch your business to an even…

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Personality Styles and Online Coaching

Thrivestry Personality and Coaching Styles simple 2

When working remotely with people one-on-one or in a group, it is important to understand them from a personality-type standpoint. Here is a tool you can use to help deliver a better online coaching service!

This is a follow up to a previous article that was geared toward coaching classes. You’ll want to check that out here. (it is kind of ‘required reading’ for this article).

I will also note that categorizing people will never be a perfect science. Humans have few categories that apply to ev…

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"What Weight Should I Use For the Metcon?"

What weight for the metcon blog

This is a chart to help you determine approximately what weight you should be using on a metcon if you don't have a coach to give you direction (maybe you are working out at home or in open gym) and the workout description is vague on the correct stimulus. Primarily this is designed for barbells (since we usually have an idea of what our 1 rep maxes are, unlike DBs or KBs)

Metcon Percentage Reccommendations.png

The way it works:

  1. Look at the reps per set (or largest set if the numbers change each round)
  2. Follow the row over to t…

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HomeFit Bingo!

Thrivestry HomeFit Bingo Jpeg

Hey Everyone!

Looking for a fun way to engage people at home, help your local community, AND possibly grow your business? Try HomeFit Bingo!

Here is a PDF Version that people can print at home.

And here is an Excel Version you can edit yourself!

It should be pretty self-explanatory if you have done any of the Bingo Challenges with your folks in the past, but here is the gist:

Announce that you are playing a game people can play at home. You can have people play as individuals or on small te…

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