The DontWeaken Challenge from BTWB

Don't Weaken Challenge (1)

The folks at Beyond the Whiteboard have come up with an awesome solution to working out by your lonesome more fun and engaging. 

They are calling it the #DontWeaken Challenge

Here is the gist: 

  • Workout at home (do any workout you want, one of ours, a made up one, etc.)
  • Log your results on BTWB
  • Use the hashtag #DontWeaken in the workout notes
  • Use a team hashtag to add points to a team (you can make your own teams)! Gyms are automatically tracked.

They have a sweet free trial if you wan…

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Top 5 Cheapest and Fastest Home Gym Equipment to Not Get Bored

Top 5 Home Gym Equipment 1

Let’s say there is some hypothetical kind of emergency, like a pandemic or something…

You have 1 hour to get all the supplies you’ll need to keep your training effective and interesting for the next 8 weeks (without leaving your house).

Or maybe you are really tight on funds because your job just put you on forced leave for an undefined amount of time and you want to save money.

Or MAYBE, stay with me on this one, you are traveling to Mars at 1 G acceleration and you can only bring a backpack…

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Corona Virus COVID 19 Gym Owner Survival Guide

Corona Virus Gym Owner Survival Guide

"Should I cut back hours?"

"What if they shut us down completely?"

"How can I cover some costs and payroll while people are prevented from coming to the gym?"

As many parts of the world are going into shut down mode for the COVID-19 Corona virus, there is a lot of uncertainty about how this will affect our own individual lives. This includes what we should do about our fitness businesses.

In some locations, gyms are closing or limiting hours to prevent the spread of the contagion. In others,…

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EDC, GPP, Marie Kondo, and being prepared for anything

Thrivestry at the Center Venn Diagram.png

EDC stands for “Every Day Carry”. It is a term generally used for what items a person tries to bring with them every day so they can be prepared for life’s unknown and unknowable.

For some, it means carrying their phone, charging cables, a backup battery, headphones, maybe some notebook/journal. For others, it means having a multitool, a flashlight, maybe some paracord, nearby.

Another version of EDC might be the outfit that you can wear in just about any situation. That little black dress m…

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CrossFit Open Summary Through 2018

 CrossFit Open Summary Screenshot.png
(Download this: CF_Open_Summary_-_Updated_thru_2018.pdf for a larger file and one that has performance data for top 200, top 1000, and top 2000 in the world).

Attached you’ll find the summary of all of the Open workouts to date with performance data from the CrossFit Games Website. As usual, we have also included the frequency of each movement and what are possible movements that may show up in future years.

If you are interested in improving your performances in the Open, make sure you are …

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Let me introduce Anne, and her blog "Healthy and Sane-ish"

Some of you may have figured out that I have a new person helping me with Thrivestry back end stuff. Her name is Anne and we all are lucky to have her!

   29541779_10156112833901897_6760492052745655093_n.jpg   2018-07-11 20.22.49.png
(Here she is doing the CrossFit Open, and back squatting 235 for 3)

Anne is not only one of my wife’s best friends, she is also one of my own… and she was also crazy enough to be one of my first clients over 10 years ago (I think it is more like 12 years at this point)!

After years of working in corporate jobs in the San Francisco Bay A…

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Joe Rogan, Firas Zahabi, Flow, Volume, and Soreness

I got a great question from Chad about the following video (it is a bit long, but it has some great points from the perspective of a Professional Fighter) and you may want to share this with your community:


Hey Jeremy, any immediate thoughts on Firas Zahabi's training approach?

  • Never sore
  • Consistency over intensity
  • Volume is more important than intensity
  • Bodyweight exercises over barbell
  • Flow state - halfway between anxiety and boredom
  • Body…

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Partnership With the MadLab Group!

I am super pumped to announce our partnership with gyms in the MadLab Group!

We know that since you are part of the MadLab Group, you believe in teaching people how to have a great life (for members, coaches and owners)!

We also know that there is a lot of time, money and energy invested into every client that a 'Coach for Life' takes on.  You want them to get the best program that will help them with their goals and not the goals of the current programmer, the coach programmer of the month, or th…

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RIP Scott Dinsmore

I just found out that a friend, Diablo CrossFit ter, and inspiration, passed away recently while climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. Scott trained with us years ago before moving on to San Francisco, following his passion, and doing his massively inspiring TED talk linked here.

I remember when Scott first did this video and I got to share it to my friends and be-cool-by-association (I mean, how many TED talk people do you know personally!?).

Fast forward to now and Leo's great…

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The first blog post

The first post / tweet / photo / etc. are always interesting.

Sometimes they are boring "test" posts. Sometimes they are optimistic portents or forecasts of what may come.

I'd like to start my first post with the recent realization of what my life purpose is.  It isn't something that I had realized until fairly recently, yet most of my life choices have been directed by it.  I was reading Simon Sinek's "Start With Why" book again and I really dug into what my personal "Why" was.  It started out pr…

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