The first blog post

The first post / tweet / photo / etc. are always interesting.

Sometimes they are boring "test" posts. Sometimes they are optimistic portents or forecasts of what may come.

I'd like to start my first post with the recent realization of what my life purpose is.  It isn't something that I had realized until fairly recently, yet most of my life choices have been directed by it.  I was reading Simon Sinek's "Start With Why" book again and I really dug into what my personal "Why" was.  It started out pretty 'wordy' (go figure), but apparently that is the norm. Our limbic brain (where our "Why" lives) isn't where our brains process language, so it would make sense that it can be hard to put into words "Why" we exist.

I live to teach people how to thrive.

My education, my hobbies, and the 5 or so business I have stared (or helped start) have all come back to the fact that I want to help people live better lives.

So here I am, starting a new blog, a new company, a new adventure... and I guess I am starting to get to the point of "optimistic forecast".

I say optimistic because I think that with this new clarity of "Why" and purpose, people who also want to teach people how to thrive are going to jump on board and we might just change the world.

Or at least have a blast trying.



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