Thrivestry Podcast 21 - Season 2 is here! Say NO to bad workouts and will weights make you 'bulky'?

Season 2 is here! We are changing the format a bit for this season. We are going to be talking more about workout programming and going over the prevailing 'myths' we see regularly in the fitness/exercise world. Today we talk about 'bad' workouts, how to spot them, what are the red flags for bad workouts, and what should you do when you visit a gym (or a friend recruits you) and you have to decide how to approach a bad workout. We also talk about the myth "lifting weights will make me bulky". …

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It is the CrossFit Open, what do I do with the rest of the my week to stay healthy?

The CrossFit Open is a special time in our training year, and we need to approach it differently than we would our usual training.

It is important that if you are taking the Open pretty seriously that you do your best to rest the day before and the day after (or at least, do them at a reduced intensity).

In general, Open workouts are not designed to be good ‘training’ workouts (workouts that make you better).png

With that in mind, Open workouts (even when done ‘for fun’) tend to put a lot more strain on your body’s central nervous system (CNS) and tissues. This additional strain WILL outpace your ab…

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CrossFit Open 20.2 Breakdown and Tips

Still trying to keep the videos short... at least the video is shorter than the workout this time!

Main Points

The workout is - As many rounds as possible (AMRAP) in 20 minutes

  • 4 DB Thrusters (35lb / 50lb)
  • 6 Toes to Bar
  • 24 Double Unders

Dumbbell Thrusters

Exact point in the video: 

  • "Squat Curls" are okay! (you don't have to stand up all the way when picking the DBs up.
  • The DBs must start on the floor (no putting them on a box)
  • Place the DBs …

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CrossFit Open 20.1 Breakdown and Tips

As mentioned in the video, a bit different format this year!

Instead of a 25 minute video plus a 3000 word article, I am going to keep it short and try to provide ideas and tips that you may not have thought of. Scroll down to the bottom if you are just looking for the pacing guide. 

Main Points

The workout is - 10 rounds for time with a 15 minute cap. 

  • 8 Ground to Overhead (65lb / 95lb) -Clean and Jerk and Snatch are both acceptable-
  • 10 Bar Facing Burpees -stepping up out of the burpee…

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Thrivestry Podcast 020 - Season Finale, JJ’s Abs, Favorite Episodes, Changes for Season 2


Season 1 Finale! We talk about our favorite episodes and go through some of our favorite infographics. Then I talk about my upcoming article “I Did CrossFit For 15 Years and This Is What It Did To My Body” (with a sneak preview of my abs). Then we go on to talk about how season 2 will be different and what you can look forward to when we kick that off in a few week.

YouTube Link Here: 

Podcast 20 Here: https://anchor…

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Do You Have a Cravings Monster inside of You?

The Cravings Monster

cravings monster ambush.png

Do you have cravings or bad habits you are trying to break? Do these things sneak up on you out of nowhere?

It is probably because (like most of us) you have a Cravings Monster inside of you.

The Cravings Monster is a being that shows up when you least expect it or when you are feeling the most stressed or tired. It will put things in your hand you didn’t mean to grab. It will put you on the couch when you didn’t mean to stop there. It will keep your finger scrolling wh…

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"The Transition" a Tool For Getting Things Done and Building Habits

There is a moment in time that happens hundreds of times per day, and you never think about it. 

There is no way to avoid it. Your life will be filled with them until you die. 

We can use these moments to help us be more productive and build better habits. 

There are 3 steps, they are: 

No. Right. Now.

When it comes to changing behavior, we are always battling with the momentum of our lives. Without deliberate thought, we will always default to what we have done in the past, and the longe…

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Thrivestry Podcast 019 Identity Principles and Decisions Part 2

Podcast Logo small

Car bumper stickers.png

We continue the talk about Identity, Principles, and Decisions. What does the car you drive and how you drive it have to do with Identity and Principles. What are the positives and negatives of each category? How can we 'tack' toward our goals rather than fight the headwind? Is a 'strong gym community' an asset? 

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Thrivestry Podcast 018 - Identity, Principles, Decision Fatigue, and are Ortho Surgeries Worth it?

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Identity Chart.png

Principles are rules that we set for life. What are the drawbacks to principles? What do they have to do with your identity? How can we use principles to combat decision fatigue? What can we do about negative identities or principles that are holding us back? How does this apply to gyms and gym ‘communities’. Then we go on to talk about this article: Why might this be? Does this mean that we should never get orthopedic surgery…

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Thrivestry Podcast 017 Flowers Make You Feel Better and Passion Exploitation

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We switch things up and go over two separate studies that had interesting/obvious results. The first one was regarding how flowers and plants made patients in the hospital feel better and have better outcomes. The second one is how people who are passionate about their jobs/businesses tend to be taken advantage of (and how society tends to think it is okay). We talk about what this means for gym owners and coaches in the mico gym industry.

Articles here:…

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