CrossFit Open 20.1 Breakdown and Tips

As mentioned in the video, a bit different format this year!

Instead of a 25 minute video plus a 3000 word article, I am going to keep it short and try to provide ideas and tips that you may not have thought of. Scroll down to the bottom if you are just looking for the pacing guide. 

Main Points

The workout is - 10 rounds for time with a 15 minute cap. 

  • 8 Ground to Overhead (65lb / 95lb) -Clean and Jerk and Snatch are both acceptable-
  • 10 Bar Facing Burpees -stepping up out of the burpee is allowed, a two footed jump is required-

Ground to Overhead 

  • Power Snatches are probably going to be best for most people (but test it before hand to see which you prefer)
  • When using Snatches, use a more narrow grip. It will save your grip and you will not have to bend over as far to touch the bar to the floor. It will also be a bit easier on the shoulders and the wrists.
  • Use slightly wide feet (to shorten the range of motion (again, for Snatches)
  • AVOID PRESS OUTS. With either the Snatches or the C&J, pressing out will make the Burpees and the barbell more difficult to manage in the later rounds.
  • Similar to the above, do not Push Press the bar if you are doing a C&J. Use a Push Jerk to save the shoulders!
  • DOWN FAST. Let gravity do the work. Keep the bar close to the body. Imagine you are doing these really close to a wall. Try to lower the bar right over the knot of your shoelaces. 

Bar Facing Burpees 

  • Doing a small step up out of the Burpee will not cost you much time, but it will save your shoulders and use a bit less energy.
  • Use as little arms as possible on the Burpees so you can keep pace through the later rounds.
  • Go DOWN FAST on these as well. Slowly crawling down uses more energy than just flopping to the floor.
  • Use standard bumper plates for your Burpee bar. Smaller plates are not allowed. 

Pacing Chart 

CrossFit Open 20point1 pacing chart.png

  • Do a test round or two at 70-80% intensity and see where you end up. 
  • Select the column with your target time. Try to hit each round as close as possible to the round finish time listed.
  • Use the pacing chart to make sure you don't to the early rounds too fast (HUGE MISTAKE WHEN THE WORKOUT IS 10 ROUNDS)!
  • People will need to maintain a 1:30 pace to finish under the time cap. Very 'doable' if you can do the GTO in 35-40s and the Burpees in 50-55. 

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Good luck and have fun!



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