Talking or Listening Coaches


What is more important for coaches: The mouth or the ears?

Most people would assume that your voice is the most important tool as a coach.

You give people directions.

You tell them what to fix.

You yell at them to slow down (or go faster).

You talk to them about what they should be eating (and what they should not).

You describe how they can change their habits.

But the truly great coaches… the ones that focus on the relationship just as much as the technical side… they listen more than they talk.

They hear what is really going on with folks (not just what they are saying).

They understand what people’s real motivations are.

They listen for what cues and descriptions will work for which clients.

They have conversations, not lectures.

It is important that we keep this in mind as we develop as coaches. It is too easy to get caught up on the technical side, or the pontificating side, of coaching. The technical side is important, but it will not keep people around year after year. Listening will keep people around for decades.

It is even MORE important right now. The Pandemic. The Holidays. And a million other things going on in people’s lives that they aren’t talking to anyone about.

Some of your friends/clients are really struggling.

They may be putting on a brave or happy façade, but deep down they are having a really tough time.

YOU may be putting on a brave or happy façade, and one of the best ways to feel better is to help others.  

Make time to have conversations with your people and listen. Before/after class. On the phone between Zoom classes. At the park over a cup of coffee…

Ask real questions.

Let them open up to you.

And just be a good listener.

You might earn a client for life. You might even save a life.

Thrive on.



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