Life has a lot of sandcastles in it.

Projects, jobs, relationships, fitness pursuits… Things that you must put work into that may fall over at any moment.

Have you spent all week (all month... all year) building a 'sandcastle' only to have it crumble right before it was finished?

The beauty of a real sandcastle is that it is temporary and that the finished product isn't as important as the process of building it.

Are you spending all your time fixing a failing sandcastle?
Are you learning/enjoying the process or is it sucking the life out of you?

If you aren't learning and growing, it is time to say “fuck it” and open up yourself up to new opportunities.

Jump on that old castle and start a new one!

And don't stress so much when the castle you have been working on crumbles.

You are a different, more experienced, more wise, human than when you started.

The next castle will be better.

Thrive on.




Emotional Leftovers


As we go through the holiday season, most of you will probably eat foods and drink drinks that your body isn’t used to processing (especially in quantity), and more than likely you aren’t going to get the best sleep because of it (especially if you had more than your usual amount of booze). You will not be feeling your best. You may even have some flu-like symptoms during and after your workout because your body is dealing with a lot of inflammation that it isn’t used to.

There is also going to…

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5 Things You Can Do in the next Hour to Get Started on Your next Big Accomplishment


The problem with goals or resolutions is that they can be intimidating to start and demotivating to maintain

After choosing a goal/outcome and an end date, it is best to focus on the daily/weekly habits and routines that you need to do to get you there. Here are some ideas on how to get started and stay consistent...

1.      Determine the smallest, easiest, thing you need to start to make progress

The smaller & easier, the better. The goal is to make it so easy, you there is no reason NOT …

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