5 Things You Can Do in the next Hour to Get Started on Your next Big Accomplishment



The problem with goals or resolutions is that they can be intimidating to start and demotivating to maintain

After choosing a goal/outcome and an end date, it is best to focus on the daily/weekly habits and routines that you need to do to get you there. Here are some ideas on how to get started and stay consistent...

1.      Determine the smallest, easiest, thing you need to start to make progress

The smaller & easier, the better. The goal is to make it so easy, you there is no reason NOT to do it. Want to lose 15lbs by eating healthier? Have you bought healthy food? Do you have containers for it? Have you scheduled time to go to the store to buy these things? Whatever the first step is, put it on your calendar as a reoccurring reminder.

2.      Change your environment

Your environment influences your behaviors. Determine what in your environment is negatively affecting your ability to change.

Trying to avoid something: hide it (delete apps, put the junk food in the bottom crate in the garage, get the booze out of the house, unplug the TV completely).

Trying to do something: put the first step 'in your way' (put the Yoga mat where you have to walk around it, always drive and park at the gym even if you don't feel like working out or have the time for a full workout, prepare healthy food in ready-to-go containers so it is easier than buying lunch).

If you can't do it this second, schedule time on your calendar to do it later today or tomorrow, be specific about what you are going to do.

3.      Determine your reward

When you do the thing (or avoid the thing), determine a positive reward to reinforce the new habit. Small, frequent, habits should have small, frequent rewards, or you can get a big reward after a certain number of completions.

Another way is to have a jar with 5 rewards of varied sizes and 25 blanks (or quotes/affirmations of why the habit is important) on slips of paper. Each time you do the thing, pull out a slip of paper. Start your list now on your phone, with 1-2 rewards and 5-10 affirmations. Add to it as you go.

4.      Outline the hurdles

Every new habit will have hurdles or obstacles for accomplishing them. 80-90% of these hurdles are things you can foresee. Take 5 minutes to write down 3-5 things that will get in the way of the new task/habit. Then write down 1-2 things for each hurdle that you can do to prevent these obstacles from happening. Update this list as new obstacles arise (they always do).

5.      Broken habit reflection

Take 5 minutes to write down some thoughts about the last time you didn't succeed on your routine. Think objectively and do not beat yourself up. Write:

  1. What was I doing/feeling right before the slip?
  2. What went wrong or why was it so hard?
  3. Write 3 thing things to change for next time so you be more successful.
  4. Determine/schedule the next time you will do better and create a reminder.

Do these 4 steps every time you miss your target.


Open your calendar app and start a reminder.  Reflect for 5 minutes about what your life will be like after you have completed your goal. Write as if it has already happened.

  • How your life has improved.
  • How you feel.
  • Who else has benefited.

Sprinkle the reminder on your calendar in random places. More frequently in the first few weeks, less frequently over the next 6-12 months (1-2 times per week early on, once per month later).

Congratulations, you made it to the end.

But WAIT! Before you click away you need to pick one and get started!

I am not joking. Do it before you go back to scrolling/surfing! Even before you check out the stuff below.

Your future self will thank you.

Thrive on.


Please share this if you found it useful or if you think it might help someone else. 

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