Hitting the Wall


We’ve all experienced it.

Everything is going well.

We are sticking to our plans and making progress toward our goals.


We hit a wall.

Our motivation runs dry.

Unexpected obstacles keep getting in the way.

We lose focus.

This is something that happens during long workouts, but it also happens with our goals and routines.

We set new routines for our Resolutions. We try to forge habits that will take us toward our goals.

“The Wall”, or “The Dip”, is almost guaranteed if you are significantly changing behaviors.

There are 3 things we know about The Wall that can help:

  1. It is inevitable and expecting it will help you avoid being surprised.
  2. It is temporary if you keep going.
  3. It is an incredible opportunity to learn.

Forewarned is Forearmed

Knowing that a rough patch is going to hit you 3 weeks or 3 months in will put things into perspective.

Do not plan to take on more or have faster progress after the beginning goes so well. Remind yourself regularly why you are trying to make these changes (before you get burned out or bored with it). Keep looking back to how far you have come (rather than how far you have to go) so when things start to get challenging, you have the motivation to push through.

“When you are going through Hell… keep on going.” – Winston Churchill

The Wall/Dip is temporary. Things will get better and easier, but only if you stick with it.

If you quit now, you’ll have to start over at some future date (if you even make another attempt).

Find some compassion for yourself and don’t get too discouraged when you have some mess-ups. Each day, each week, is another opportunity to get back on the horse.

Simplify your life so you have more ‘space’ to keep up the new routines. Learn to say “no” to optional obligations that will make keeping up with your new routines more difficult.

And have some faith that things will get easier soon!

You Are Either Winning… Or LEARNING

Probably the most important thing about The Wall is what it can teach you.

  • You’ll find out what is giving you the most return on your energy invested.
  • You’ll find out what other things you need to eliminate.
  • You’ll discover how much rest you need or what you need to do to recharge.
  • You’ll determine what rewards work for you, and what temptations you should avoid.

One key step in this part of the process is that you approach The Wall with a learning mindset. You are not only anticipating the struggles, you are also actively searching them out so you can use them as a way to get better.

Approach these hurtles with curiosity and the ability to adapt. If you are stumped for ideas for ways to overcome them, reach out to friends or experts who know how to help you get through.

Keep a journal or some notes on your phone reminding you of what worked and what didn’t work.

An un-fulfilled goal isn’t a failure if you end up better than before

Even if you fail your goal miserably, but you learned from the experience, it is a win.

If you achieve your goal, but you didn’t learn or grow from the experience, your sense of accomplishment will be fleeting. And you won’t be much better off in the long run.

Maybe you’ve just started your journey, you are cruising along without issue, or you are getting ready to start a new one… Getting prepared, and having a plan, for The Wall will help you get the most out of your experiences as well as make you more likely to succeed!

Thrive on.


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