The BIGGEST Problem with the Fitness Industry

Control over mind and actions

What if I told you there needs to be a monumental shift in the fitness industry?

Fitness professionals, enthusiasts, and facilities are focusing on the wrong things.

They are focusing on the body, physiology, and biology, almost exclusively.

What movements are best? What equipment?

What coaching cues? What diet?

What time domain? What intensity?

What sets? What reps?

There is no better example of this than the ‘out of shape’ (aka “Fat”) trainer.

Maybe you are one, or maybe you are just someone who struggles with your own goals.

You know all the most important principles.

You are up to date on all the research and new trends.

You repeat good advice ad nauseum every hour in your practice and online.

You KNOW how to get results you desire.

But you can’t seem to get unstuck.

Maybe you are embarrassed and frustrated because you can’t seem to make the change in your own life that you are providing others.

Knowing the solution is vastly different than implementing it.

And that is the disconnect.

The reason why there is so many different ‘quick fixes’ or fads in the industry is because even the professionals are looking for the new or easy solution that hasn’t been tried yet that will solve their own problems.

Regular people face the same problem.

Between the YouTube videos, apps on their phones, books, and the dozens of boutique fitness and globo gym offerings, there is MORE than enough information to get them toward their goals.

Why isn’t everyone “fit”?

The shift that needs to happen isn’t located in the physiology.

It isn’t in cellular biology. It isn’t in genetics.

It isn’t in intensity levels or time domains.

It isn’t the type of class or the movements performed.

The change that needs to happen is between the ears.

Fitness professionals, enthusiasts, and facilities should be putting more emphasis on the brain.





We need to be focusing on WHY people are struggling with consistently ‘showing up’.

We need solutions to help people with changing their routines outside of gym and in between workouts.

We need to understand that even the most ideal or ‘perfect’ program for an individual will not help anyone if it goes unused.

If you are reading this, you are closer than most to understanding this shift.

You know that Thrivestry focuses on more than just the workouts.

The articles, the videos, AND the programming are all unified by this overarching concept:

The greatest thing we can provide as coaches is control over one’s own mind and actions.

When gyms and professionals understand and implement this, they succeed… because the people in their care succeed.

The culture we create, the in-person experience, the programming, the services we offer, the tools (equipment & software), the events, the online presence… ALL of these things are tools we can use to help people make the most important changes to their body: change their brain.

I don’t know if the industry will ever embrace this distinction.

Between the ears.png

What I do know is that society will always struggle with health and fitness until it is universally accepted that the most important work at this point isn’t in the laboratory, in the gym, or in the in the diet…

It is in between the ears.

Thrive on.



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