Habits and Motivation

The BIGGEST Problem with the Fitness Industry

Control over mind and actions

What if I told you there needs to be a monumental shift in the fitness industry?

Fitness professionals, enthusiasts, and facilities are focusing on the wrong things.

They are focusing on the body, physiology, and biology, almost exclusively.

What movements are best? What equipment?

What coaching cues? What diet?

What time domain? What intensity?

What sets? What reps?

There is no better example of this than the ‘out of shape’ (aka “Fat”) trainer.

Maybe you are one, or maybe you are just s…

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Online Coaching and Customizing Existing Programming Comprehensive Guide

Accountability Step Up

Below is a series of courses we developed for Thrivestry subscribers.

It was created a year-or-so back to be implemented with gyms that were in full operation.

In lieu of recent events, we have decided to release it free for everyone! (There was no way to buy it before).

Some of the content will not pertain to working with people remotely on short notice, but I do recommend you go through everything so you don’t miss any ‘gems’ that might help.

I also did not take a lot of time to thoroughly…

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Cry in the Dojo, Laugh on the Battlefield. BUT...


National emergency.png

Or, as Adam Carolla once put it (while making fun of ‘hardcore’ Tae Kwon Do instructors):

“Sweat on the mat, or BLEED on the street.”

If you are like me, these phrases get you fired up to go and train.

Personally, I think it is because I like to be over-prepared. I usually carry a backpack with all sorts of potentially useful stuff (multitool, tape, extra batteries, notebooks, protein bars, etc.). I like to do a ton research before I enter a new experience. I always have the most stuff …

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5 Things You Can Do in the next Hour to Get Started on Your next Big Accomplishment



The problem with goals or resolutions is that they can be intimidating to start and demotivating to maintain

After choosing a goal/outcome and an end date, it is best to focus on the daily/weekly habits and routines that you need to do to get you there. Here are some ideas on how to get started and stay consistent...

1.      Determine the smallest, easiest, thing you need to start to make progress

The smaller & easier, the better. The goal is to make it so easy, you there is no reason NOT …

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I did CrossFit for 15 Years and This is What it Did to My Body

15 years of CrossFit collage.png

I started CrossFit when I was 24. I am writing this on my 40th birthday. I hate working out, and I have never had a membership to a gym (even though I have owned a more than a few).

It has been a crazy journey and I’d like to share some of my history, my mistakes, and what I have learned along the way. This is a ‘long one’ so make sure your coffee is topped off and/or you have your reading glasses handy.

TL;DR Notes

  • We have come A LONG way since the early days of CrossFit. I was young eno…

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Thrivestry Podcast 020 - Season Finale, JJ’s Abs, Favorite Episodes, Changes for Season 2


Season 1 Finale! We talk about our favorite episodes and go through some of our favorite infographics. Then I talk about my upcoming article “I Did CrossFit For 15 Years and This Is What It Did To My Body” (with a sneak preview of my abs). Then we go on to talk about how season 2 will be different and what you can look forward to when we kick that off in a few week.

YouTube Link Here: 

Podcast 20 Here: https://anchor…

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Do You Have a Cravings Monster inside of You?

The Cravings Monster

cravings monster ambush.png

Do you have cravings or bad habits you are trying to break? Do these things sneak up on you out of nowhere?

It is probably because (like most of us) you have a Cravings Monster inside of you.

The Cravings Monster is a being that shows up when you least expect it or when you are feeling the most stressed or tired. It will put things in your hand you didn’t mean to grab. It will put you on the couch when you didn’t mean to stop there. It will keep your finger scrolling wh…

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"The Transition" a Tool For Getting Things Done and Building Habits

There is a moment in time that happens hundreds of times per day, and you never think about it. 

There is no way to avoid it. Your life will be filled with them until you die. 

We can use these moments to help us be more productive and build better habits. 

There are 3 steps, they are: 

No. Right. Now.

When it comes to changing behavior, we are always battling with the momentum of our lives. Without deliberate thought, we will always default to what we have done in the past, and the longe…

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Thrivestry Podcast 019 Identity Principles and Decisions Part 2

Podcast Logo small

Car bumper stickers.png

We continue the talk about Identity, Principles, and Decisions. What does the car you drive and how you drive it have to do with Identity and Principles. What are the positives and negatives of each category? How can we 'tack' toward our goals rather than fight the headwind? Is a 'strong gym community' an asset? 

YouTube Link Here: 

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Thrivestry Podcast 018 - Identity, Principles, Decision Fatigue, and are Ortho Surgeries Worth it?

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Identity Chart.png

Principles are rules that we set for life. What are the drawbacks to principles? What do they have to do with your identity? How can we use principles to combat decision fatigue? What can we do about negative identities or principles that are holding us back? How does this apply to gyms and gym ‘communities’. Then we go on to talk about this article: Why might this be? Does this mean that we should never get orthopedic surgery…

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