HomeFit Bingo!

Thrivestry HomeFit Bingo Jpeg

Hey Everyone!

Looking for a fun way to engage people at home, help your local community, AND possibly grow your business? Try HomeFit Bingo!

Here is a PDF Version that people can print at home.

And here is an Excel Version you can edit yourself!

It should be pretty self-explanatory if you have done any of the Bingo Challenges with your folks in the past, but here is the gist:

Announce that you are playing a game people can play at home. You can have people play as individuals or on small te…

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The DontWeaken Challenge from BTWB

Don't Weaken Challenge (1)

The folks at Beyond the Whiteboard have come up with an awesome solution to working out by your lonesome more fun and engaging. 

They are calling it the #DontWeaken Challenge

Here is the gist: 

  • Workout at home (do any workout you want, one of ours, a made up one, etc.)
  • Log your results on BTWB
  • Use the hashtag #DontWeaken in the workout notes
  • Use a team hashtag to add points to a team (you can make your own teams)! Gyms are automatically tracked.

They have a sweet free trial if you wan…

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Online Coaching and Customizing Existing Programming Comprehensive Guide

Accountability Step Up

Below is a series of courses we developed for Thrivestry subscribers.

It was created a year-or-so back to be implemented with gyms that were in full operation.

In lieu of recent events, we have decided to release it free for everyone! (There was no way to buy it before).

Some of the content will not pertain to working with people remotely on short notice, but I do recommend you go through everything so you don’t miss any ‘gems’ that might help.

I also did not take a lot of time to thoroughly…

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Corona Virus COVID 19 Gym Owner Survival Guide

Corona Virus Gym Owner Survival Guide

"Should I cut back hours?"

"What if they shut us down completely?"

"How can I cover some costs and payroll while people are prevented from coming to the gym?"

As many parts of the world are going into shut down mode for the COVID-19 Corona virus, there is a lot of uncertainty about how this will affect our own individual lives. This includes what we should do about our fitness businesses.

In some locations, gyms are closing or limiting hours to prevent the spread of the contagion. In others,…

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Thrivestry Podcast 019 Identity Principles and Decisions Part 2

Podcast Logo small

Car bumper stickers.png

We continue the talk about Identity, Principles, and Decisions. What does the car you drive and how you drive it have to do with Identity and Principles. What are the positives and negatives of each category? How can we 'tack' toward our goals rather than fight the headwind? Is a 'strong gym community' an asset? 

YouTube Link Here: 

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Thrivestry Podcast 017 Flowers Make You Feel Better and Passion Exploitation

Podcast Logo small

We switch things up and go over two separate studies that had interesting/obvious results. The first one was regarding how flowers and plants made patients in the hospital feel better and have better outcomes. The second one is how people who are passionate about their jobs/businesses tend to be taken advantage of (and how society tends to think it is okay). We talk about what this means for gym owners and coaches in the mico gym industry.

Articles here:…

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EDC, GPP, Marie Kondo, and being prepared for anything

Thrivestry at the Center Venn Diagram.png

EDC stands for “Every Day Carry”. It is a term generally used for what items a person tries to bring with them every day so they can be prepared for life’s unknown and unknowable.

For some, it means carrying their phone, charging cables, a backup battery, headphones, maybe some notebook/journal. For others, it means having a multitool, a flashlight, maybe some paracord, nearby.

Another version of EDC might be the outfit that you can wear in just about any situation. That little black dress m…

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Adding New Classes on Top of Your Regular CrossFit (or GPP) Schedule


extra programs cost.png

The feedback on the new Spark Program has been phenomenal!

I am so glad that it is ‘pushing all of the right buttons’ when it comes to creating another class option for folks who want a break from usual ‘Mastery’ programming.

Remember the benefits of having the class overlap with the regular gym programming:

  • If people start with Spark, they’ll be able to see the similarities to the CrossFit classes, and have an easier time transitioning.
  • People will have the option of doing both seaml…

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14 tips for keeping the class on time and class format examples

Time management is always an issue when we are trying to cram as much value as possible into people’s visits to the gym.

 Class Format_ Overview.png

To help stay on time, I’ve created three infographics to help coaches stay on track with the two primary formats we use.

Down below, I’ll go over some tips to help you keep your class on time, even when it is jam packed with awesome-fitness-magic!

The Overview

This first graphic above, is an overview comparing the two different types. The thing to remember is that these…

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One of Thrivestry's Secret Ingredients That Makes People More Awesome, the "Strength Focus"

6 Week Strength Focus

 CrossFit is known for being "constantly varied", but that doesn't mean random. Can we improve results, make the classes easier (to learn movements and to coach), while improving safety and ensuring that people make gains for more than 10 years?


And we can do that by using what we call the "Strength Focus".

Why have a “Focus” at all?

'Constantly Varied' vs 'Dedicated Cycle'.png

CrossFit can be credited with demonstrating the power of ‘constantly varied’ or ‘seemingly random’ training for making people fit. While this style of tr…

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