Spark Programming

Dumbbell, Kettlebell, and Medicine Ball focused Metcon Classes

While there is no doubt that CrossFit with ample barbell training is probably the fastest and best way to get people ‘fit for life’, that doesn’t mean that you must use a barbell to do CrossFit!

We created this program based upon years of testing and experimentation, and it could be the “perfect” addition to your class offerings.

“Spark” is a combination of Yoga, pre-hab/re-hab, dumbbell/kettlebell strength, metcons, and targeted core/glute exercises. It can be done in 45 or 60 minute classes, it is 7 days a week of programming, and it ‘overlaps’ with the regular programming!

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Many gyms have started to add a ‘metcon’, ‘sweat’, or ‘fit’, class to the roster to give people more options on how they customize their experience as well as to have an offering for folks who aren’t quite ready to accept the barbell as their best tool. The extra class is usually separate programming that is made that day or by someone else with no eye on what the main gym is doing.

There are 3 main problems with this:

  • No graduation - People doing ‘metcon’ won’t want to move up to the other classes and open the possibilities. They will always be too intimidated to do the other classes. Because there is no connection between the programming, people will see the ‘leap’ as too far and not be willing to commit. This will limit the times they can come to the gym and blunt their progress, and willingness to stay at the gym, long term.
  • No going between classes - Experienced people can’t go back and forth between classes. If someone tries to go to regular class one day, then ‘metcon’ the next day, they WILL end up doing workouts that aren’t good for them (150 wall balls one day, then 100+ the next day, etc.).
  • Too much time and money - The time/cost to creating this extra track of programming for a small percentage of your members takes a toll on resources and doesn’t provide a large return on investment.

Spark addresses these issues and more!

First, because the movements and workouts are similar (even named similar), people doing these workouts will be able to see the similarities and have an easier time making the change. And because the programming is integrated, they can start by just doing one class of the main programming and then decide how to go from there.

Also, because the movements and workouts are related, the ‘CrossFit Regulars’ can jump in on Spark classes when they want and not worry about getting injured because they did too much of one movement in a short period of time.

Finally, because we are doing the programming and providing all of the write up, coaches can focus on delivering a great experience (and you can focus more on the business). And if you are already subscribed to the main programming, you’ll get this programming at about 1/3 of the price!

The Format

Each day of Spark starts with a “Pre-Charge”. A warm up that can be done before class or in the first few minutes of class.

Then we roll into our “Align” portion where we’ll spend some time doing a Yoga/mobility flow that also includes some pre-habilitation and re-habilitation movements.

After that, we’ll do some “Balance” on most days. This is the part of the class where we will work on dumbbell and kettlebell movements focusing on basic coordination, balance, and strength.

Then we’ll work on “Burn”, a 25-35 minute interval/circuit full of bodyweight movements, medicine balls, kettlebells, dumbbells, and ‘cardio’ (jump rope, rowing, etc.).

Finally, we’ll wrap up with some optional “Bonus” work where we’ll do some intelligent core work and extra glute/hamstring drills.

Elegant Design

As usual with Thrivestry programming, these workouts are designed with coaching and space in mind. Classes will not require special equipment or rowers/airdynes for every single person, or inordinate amounts of space.

The program does not have any ‘advanced’ movements like barbell snatches or handstand push-ups, but it does have ample guidance on how to ‘spice it up’ for more experienced folks!

Who Is This For?


The program is designed for people who may not be ready for barbell training (physically or emotionally). And because of the simplicity of the movements and structure of the workouts, it works great for teens and seniors as well!

It also is great for people who are looking to change up their regular training with a bit more volume, and a bit less of a focus on tracking and competing every day.

Video Explaining How the Programs All Integrate Together

Guidance on Implementation

After you sign up, you’ll also receive guidance on how to add this class onto the schedule and how to charge for it so that it becomes a revenue stream for you.

What are you waiting for!?

Jump in and start diversifying your class offerings to reach a new population of folks and to your people who are looking for something different!

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