Personality Styles, Coaching, and Class Experience

Most people operate in general categories. Myers Briggs, The Big 5, The Harry Potter Sorting Hat, DISC Profiles, etc., are all attempts to give people insight into how they see the world and how they prefer to address it. In this article, we are going to talk about why you need to know what your style is, and how to coach people who aren’t the same style as you so that everyone has a great class. This tool can be HUGE for helping your classes, and the whole community, run more smoothly!

Thrivestry Personality and Coaching Styles simple.png

Are y…

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Firing Clients at Your Gym

“Firing Clients” is a part of running a great community. If you don’t pull the weeds out of the garden, they will choke the harvest of awesome humans you are growing.

That said, it is never easy. Many times, these clients have many friends at the gym, and if you come at it the wrong way, it can turn ugly, fast (rumors, bad reviews online, etc.).

First and Foremost

This should always be a private one-on-one discussion in person. Email and phone may make it ‘easier’ for you, but it will almos…

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Are you building as much community as you can without wasting time? Circle Questions and Ice Breakers

Hey Everyone! 
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Are you using ‘circle questions’ or ‘ice breakers’ in your classes? 

Some gyms make it an everyday thing, others may make it more sporadic, but if you aren’t using them at all you are missing out on a huge opportunity!

Most people think of ice breakers when it comes to building bonds between strangers and avoiding the awkward invisible ‘ice’ that seems to keep people from getting to know each other. As we coaches get to know our members more intimately, and t…

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Shame and punish adults for being late to class? Customer Service vs Customer Success

(Read Time: 3:48)

I was on a forum for gym owners recently and the subject of ‘corporal punishment’ came up for people coming late or leaving equipment out, i.e. making people do burpees as penance. The replies were pretty split down the middle, but it definitely seemed like the more veteran owners had figured out that shaming people and punishing them isn’t usually the best strategy. I thought it was a good point of discussion for what the difference between being an adult’s Coach/Mentor/Ins…

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Building a Gym to Last 100+ Years? Don't Forget This Key Ingredient

Dont just sell fitness

Is there one thing you can focus on that will give your business the greatest chance of lasting 100+ years? 

Imagine you are at a banquet with dozens of gyms represented and 100s of clients from these gyms. 

Most of these gyms had been open for 20+ years.

At one point, the MC asks everyone training at a gym to stand up. They say "If you have been at your gym for less than 5 years sit down."

And about 1/2 of the people sat down.

Then they say "If you have been at your gym for less than 10 yea…

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CrossFit and talking to Law Enforcement & First Responders

First responders are athletes

People who get paid millions of dollars to play with a ball only get paid to do that because they do it on television.

They are 'performers' that are more akin to musicians and actors. Nobody pays them to be athletic and play their sport in their backyard.

I was hired to do 3 one day seminars for a big city department on Fatigue Mitigation. I opened up with this and I had them hooked. The vast majority of them stayed awake for the 4 hours or so of the mandatory training.

Our gyms are uniquely …

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