Personality Styles and Online Coaching

Thrivestry Personality and Coaching Styles simple 2

When working remotely with people one-on-one or in a group, it is important to understand them from a personality-type standpoint. Here is a tool you can use to help deliver a better online coaching service!

This is a follow up to a previous article that was geared toward coaching classes. You’ll want to check that out here. (it is kind of ‘required reading’ for this article).

I will also note that categorizing people will never be a perfect science. Humans have few categories that apply to ev…

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HomeFit Bingo!

Thrivestry HomeFit Bingo Jpeg

Hey Everyone!

Looking for a fun way to engage people at home, help your local community, AND possibly grow your business? Try HomeFit Bingo!

Here is a PDF Version that people can print at home.

And here is an Excel Version you can edit yourself!

It should be pretty self-explanatory if you have done any of the Bingo Challenges with your folks in the past, but here is the gist:

Announce that you are playing a game people can play at home. You can have people play as individuals or on small te…

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The DontWeaken Challenge from BTWB

Don't Weaken Challenge (1)

The folks at Beyond the Whiteboard have come up with an awesome solution to working out by your lonesome more fun and engaging. 

They are calling it the #DontWeaken Challenge

Here is the gist: 

  • Workout at home (do any workout you want, one of ours, a made up one, etc.)
  • Log your results on BTWB
  • Use the hashtag #DontWeaken in the workout notes
  • Use a team hashtag to add points to a team (you can make your own teams)! Gyms are automatically tracked.

They have a sweet free trial if you wan…

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Corona Virus COVID 19 Gym Owner Survival Guide

Corona Virus Gym Owner Survival Guide

"Should I cut back hours?"

"What if they shut us down completely?"

"How can I cover some costs and payroll while people are prevented from coming to the gym?"

As many parts of the world are going into shut down mode for the COVID-19 Corona virus, there is a lot of uncertainty about how this will affect our own individual lives. This includes what we should do about our fitness businesses.

In some locations, gyms are closing or limiting hours to prevent the spread of the contagion. In others,…

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Thrivestry Podcast 019 Identity Principles and Decisions Part 2

Podcast Logo small

Car bumper stickers.png

We continue the talk about Identity, Principles, and Decisions. What does the car you drive and how you drive it have to do with Identity and Principles. What are the positives and negatives of each category? How can we 'tack' toward our goals rather than fight the headwind? Is a 'strong gym community' an asset? 

YouTube Link Here: 

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The Stank Issue - Talking to 'stinky people' coming to the gym

 Just about every coach and gym owner has had to deal with this at some point.

You are probably asking yourself:

"How do I have the uncomfortable conversation with this person about being smelly!?" 

"What if I offend them and they quit?"

"How can I prevent this from being an issue at all?"

Awesomeness should be shared, but stinkiness should be eliminated..png

As we approach the summer months in the Northern Hemisphere it is a good time to remind people about the “stank”.

Start with a 'Reminder' to the community with a silly meme or quasi serious PSA (public…

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Hey "Competitor", Are You a Menace or a Champion to Your Gym? (Competition Training Part 3)


gym full of competitors.png

Hey Competitor… Are you a Champion or a Menace at your gym?

I have a truth to tell you…

It might be hard to hear.

Are you sitting down?

Here goes…

MOST, if not ALL, of the people in the gym don’t care that you are training to compete.

In fact, the people running your gym probably hate it.

It probably isn’t your fault. Chances are, there were some people that came before you that didn’t realize that their habits and behaviors were really obnoxious, and it soured everyone’s opinion of…

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Great (and Easy) Offsite Team Workout for Holidays and to Get out of the Gym

Here is a GREAT option for an offsite activity that builds community and works great if you want to close the gym for a day.

First, our brains developed so we could move. Then they developed so we could connect. Your gym should help you do both..png

This week’s programming has Thanksgiving for those in the US so I’d like to give you guys an option for a fun park/trail workout that we’ve been doing for years. It works great for community building and getting out into the real world to meet some possible new clients.  And it is a very good option for holidays when you want to close up the gym!

It works best if you c…

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 Are you a Librarian Coach or a Professor Coach?

There seems to be two types of coaches that run classes at gyms like ours. There are people who tend to “manage” the class (Librarians), and those that tend to “lead” the class (Professors).

librarian einstein question.png

Comparing Librarians and Professors

Librarians do as little talking as possible and prevent others from talking so people can focus on themselves and their work. Professors talk in great detail and encourage discussions.

Librarians care most about order and neatness. Professors care more about content a…

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Keystone Habits and the Most Important Key to Keeping Clients Around

During a re-reading of “The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business”, I was reminded of the concept researchers call “Keystone Habits”. It is a seeming small isolated habit that affects many other unrelated aspects of their lives. Writing down everything that they ate, subjects saw not only improvements in their diet, they also saw improvements in many other aspects of their lives. Documenting everything that they bought, subjects saw improved use of their time and improved p…

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