CrossFit and talking to Law Enforcement & First Responders

First responders are athletes

People who get paid millions of dollars to play with a ball only get paid to do that because they do it on television.

They are 'performers' that are more akin to musicians and actors. Nobody pays them to be athletic and play their sport in their backyard.

I was hired to do 3 one day seminars for a big city department on Fatigue Mitigation. I opened up with this and I had them hooked. The vast majority of them stayed awake for the 4 hours or so of the mandatory training.

Our gyms are uniquely poised to be the best place for First Responders to get fit.

Even with this in mind, it can be hard to convince them that they should be training with you.

Ultimately, do not try and 'sell' them on your gym. Focus more on teaching them the importance of fitness for their work, and community for their own physical and mental safety. At the end, make a few points as to how your gym does this.

Focus on how you are different that what most people believe about CrossFit, and not only will you be providing the physical benefits, but also some of the social ones.

Cops especially need a place to hang out with people that know and like them. Wearing the uniform usually means you are spending your shift with people who DO NOT want to be talking to you (or downright 'hate' you at that moment). Your gym should be seen as a place to get fit and have fun with people that support and appreciate them.

Thrive on. (And thank you to all who wear the uniform!)




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