Free Coaching Tools

An organized list of questions you can use to build community and connection in your classes


We've created an organized and categorized list of over 300 circle questions or 'ice breakers' to help give you ideas of what type of questions you can be asking during your classes to help people get to know each other and to help build stronger communities. Download it free here!

Micro workouts designed to get people out of the way of the next class and prevent people from "overdoing" it


Download a PDF that you can print out for your gym.  It has 60 different 'Cashouts' categorized by 5 different elements that make up the core of each micro workout.

Active Recovery During Injury


Now your clients can continue to move safely during recovery from an injury. This list provides a complete scaling and substitutions for all movements programmed in Thrivestry. 

A system for Coaching In-Person and Online BEYOND Workouts


30 Pages of:

  • How to's: inception, sales, goal and routine hacking, tracking, customizing programming
  • 8 Videos
  • 7 Graphics and Tools
  • 2 Pre-made forms
  • Execution checklist, and more!