Thrive Mentorship Model

A system for Coaching In-Person and Online BEYOND Workouts

Originally designed for Thrivestry Coaches only and not available to the public, we have decided to convert it to a PDF for everyone to use for FREE!

This course takes you through all of the concepts and steps to launch an awesome one-on-one Coaching and Mentorship program. 

It includes set up and some marketing (if you are already coaching at a gym), as well as info on how to modify workout programming to suit individual needs (and save you a TON of time). 

But more importantly, it covers a lot of information about psychology, interviews, habits, and routines. 

When we work in these domains, we can deliver MUCH MORE than just fitness. We can help empower people to change their lives. 

We want to change more than their bodies. We need to change their brain. 

It is a lot of information. BUT there is a bunch of videos, forms to use, info-graphics, checklists, and more, to help!

Dive in. Start learning. 

The world needs more coaches like you to help make people more awesome. 

Thrive on.


Thrive Mentorship Model TMM Card