Smart Cashouts (Free Tool!)

Micro workouts designed to get people out of the way of the next class and prevent people from "overdoing" it

One of the elements Thrivestry incorporates into our Gym Programming for CrossFit gyms is the use of "Cashouts".

“Cashouts” are OPTIONAL micro workouts designed to help add a bit more movement and intensity into an athlete's gym session who's goals may have not been met that day by the lift and/or MetCon.  They are just one of the ways we can make sure that people have the flexibility to shape the program to their needs and goals.  Remember that it is always better to err on the side of caution during the metcon, you can always add on more after (it is much more difficult to undo an injury)!

General Guidelines: 

  1. Cash Outs should generally be 3 – 9 minutes long.
  2. The intensity level should be in the 60 – 75% range.
  3. Cash outs should be done out of the way of any classes going on (and does not use any equipment that the gym class needs that day).
  4. They should be done after class (kind of like showing up early for a warm up, but... backwards).
  5. If you find yourself doing cash outs more than 0 – 2x per week, you need to make sure you are scaling the workouts correctly.

Click through to download the files and get a video on the best ways to use cash outs to tailor programming to the individuals.

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