Gym Only Programming

Workouts your members and coaches will love!

We create amazing workouts that teach people how to get fit, have fun, and love their coaches and their gym.


 By subscribing to this programming track you will be given access to

  • Our multi-scaled workouts (in their full 'blog ready' format) 
  • Private videos that explain coaching and programming information
  • Lifting schedules for members who want to know the lifting days in advance
  • Videos and tools to share with members
  • A library of articles and videos to help make you, your coaches, and your gym even better
  • Access to our online forum for questions and discussions
  • And more!
And you get all of this weeks before you need to post them to your blogs or in your gym!
We know how much stress worrying about the daily workouts and the blog posts can be.  Constantly having to plan your life around having WiFi access and taking your computer with you everywhere (late nights at home, vacations, family gatherings, sporting events, etc.), is a major drain on your sanity and is not sustainable for most people.
Once you have subscribed, you'll get chunks of programming and other resources in advance so you can copy and paste it directly into your blog and schedule them in advance.  This will enable you to go from spending 4-8 hours a week programming and blog posting, down to about an hour or less.  An hour that you can fit in whenever your schedule demands (or delegate to someone else when you can't do it).
We also have the ability to set up "Feeds" so they can stream directly to your website without any input from you at all! (For Beyond the Whiteboard users currently, Train Heroic coming soon)

What are you waiting for?
You are in the business of teaching people how to be fit and have a great life.  Let us help you have a great life too!


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