Mastery, Propel, and HomeFit, Programming for an Individual

You'll get access to our programming for you to use at home or at a gym outfitted with all of the right stuff!

Included is our General Physical Preparedness aka Mastery programming as well as Propel (less barbell and a bit more metcon) AND our HomeFit (minimal equipment and no equipment workouts). 

The Mastery and Propel is 7 days a week of programming so you can follow along according to the day you are training or pick a lesson plan for the day that better suits your goals and constraints. HomeFit is 5 days a week (still a lot of options).

It will come to you via email in 3 week chunks, but you can also access it here on It isn't designed for folks who aren't experienced at all movement-wise. So if you are new to this type of training, plan on looking a lot of things up online. 

That said, every workout has 'health', 'athletic', and 'performance' scaling (as well as a 'scale up' most days), so you will not need to worry about scaling the workouts without guidance (you just need to know what each movement is). 

Jump in and have fun!

Individual Programming