12 Workouts for No Equipment and Minimal Equipment

Workouts 9-20

This is an extension of the first 8 Free No Equipment and Minimal Equipment package.

We pick up right where the other left off. So when you finish the 8, you can jump on here!

Or, if you are using these workouts sporadically, getting these will give you a lot more options in your quiver. We also add some more movement, workout style, and workout duration, variety with these 12 to keep it interesting.

You can do these in order (recommended), pick and choose based upon how your feel, or just sprinkle them into your training on days you can't make it into your usual facility!

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Here are some notes on what is included each day:

Dynamic Warm-Up Option: These will be a specific warm-up to get your blood flowing and ready to attack your workout. These can last anywhere between 5-10 minutes long

Mobility/Activation/Prehab: We give a general area of the body to spend a little more TLC. This can be rolling out, stretch, or more movement to active that area.

Skill Practice Warm Up / Strength: We are looking for deliberate movement. Focusing on moving well rather than how fast or heavy.

Scaling Guide: After ever workout, we give you a time range that these workouts should be completed in. The goal will be to choose an option in the workout that will help you get the workout done in that range.

Coaching Tips: Here we are giving information on how to approach the workout. Key thoughts on what you should be focusing on to complete while staying safe and healthy.

Optional ‘Cash Out’ or Hypertrophy: A little extra for after a workout is done. These are not required, but if you have some extra time and looking for some more work, these are for you.

Article / From the Archive / YouTube Clip: What better way to not just fuel your body from the workouts but also fuel your mind. We select some key articles, YouTube clips, and past Thrivestry posts to give that mind what it needs.

Shower Thought: Just some little tidbits of info that will make you think, laugh, or just wonder “what?”

Categories: HomeFit workouts are categorized as "Long", "Medium" and "Short". Long is generally 25+ minutes, Medium is 15-25min, and Short is usually under 15 min.

Summary and Workout Log: At the end of the programming, you’ll find a summary of the workouts if you want to jump around, and a place you can record notes and your results. We highly recommend keeping track of your progress!

“Workout Only” Display: To make it easier during the workout, you can use the easy to read graphic that only displays the workout portion. Open the PDF on your phone/tablet, or screen shot it and use it that way.

Videos: Most of the movements are straight forward if you have some basic training at some place like a CrossFit gym or easy enough to figure out by doing a search on YouTube. For the more ‘non-standard’ stuff, we have made videos demonstrating what the movement is and what to keep in mind when doing it. 

Go ahead! Download now and start being more awesome!

12 HomeFit 9-20