The Good News and the Bad News about Why You Are Not Progressing


“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”.png

“Why am I not progressing?”

Is it the schedule (can’t make it in when I want)? Is it the coaching? Is it the programming? Is it your jump rope? Your shoes? Your training partners?

I’ve got good news and bad news.

The good news is that it is completely in your control.

The bad news… is that it is completely in your control.

I hate to break it to you, but if you aren’t progressing it probably isn’t something external.

You probably aren’t progressing because of you.

If you aren’t training 3-4 times per week consistently. You aren’t modifying the programming to your goals. You aren’t making an effort to eat better or get better recovery. If you aren’t doing your rehab/prehab exercises or spending a bit of extra time working on your biggest limitations…

Then focusing ‘externally’ will not save you.

Having a more convenient class time will not help. Having the world’s best coach will not help. Changing the programming will not help. Buying the newest toys will not help you.

You must focus ‘internally’.

First, you need to know your goals, and prioritize them, so you can make sure you have a plan (routine) to get there.

Then you must budget the time to train consistently (at the gym or elsewhere). You must learn what good form is, what movements you need to be doing, and what is best for you (even when the coach isn’t looking). You must learn how to ‘tweak’ the programming to get the most out of every minute of your training time. You must learn how to work with the tools you have, and only worry about the ‘extras’ once you have mastered the basics.

When you are in a slump or have hit a plateau, you must first ask “What can I be doing better?” before placing blame on everything and everyone else.

If you have the 80% down:

  • Consistent Training (3-4 times per week or more)
  • Modifying the programming for YOUR goals (scaling the movement properly, deliberately hitting the lifting days, doing cash outs, or never missing a day with your weaknesses)
  • Making an effort to eat better (less crap, more good)
  • Investing a bit of time on recovery (good sleep, adequate protein, taking breaks)
  • Doing your prehab/rehab/mobility before & after class, and outside of the gym throughout the day
  • Making sure you are doing a bit of additional work on your biggest limitation (Shoulder mobility? Double unders? Not missing strength days? Adding extra ‘aerobic/engine’ work?)

And you doing all of these things and STILL not happy with your progress?… the next step is to ask for HELP.

Book in a time to sit down with a Coach. Get detailed with your goals and set up plan to help you get there. Create a plan for accountability so you make gains every day and you don’t fall behind.

Once you have exhausted all of these ‘internal’ things you can control, then it may be time to think about the ‘external’.

Stop blaming your jump rope. Stop blaming your work schedule. Stop blaming the programming.

Start learning from your mistakes. Start making small changes that will compound into enormous results over time. Start asking for help when you are unsure what to do.

It isn’t the world’s fault… The power to change is first and foremost within YOU.

Thrive on.



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