Attacking Weaknesses


One of the things that make CrossFit training different than everything that came before it is a deliberate effort to make us focus on what we aren’t good at.

You can’t avoid these things in a good CF program.

You are constantly reminded and frustrated, by them.

It takes an enormous amount of character to face your least favorite things, your worst things, and do them routinely, with the intent of getting better.

To be honest with yourself.

To recognize there is a problem. And fix it.

It can be painful.

It is frustrating.

It ALWAYS challenges your ego…

This is what we are facing in society right now.

So many people are finally realizing we, as a society, have been avoiding the topic.

Hiding our weaknesses.

Avoiding the uncomfortable.

Not taking the time to think deliberately about how you may have perpetuated the problem or, at the very least, neglected it for so long.

But if CrossFitters know one thing, it is that while discomfort is necessary, the power of deliberate focus, and consistent work, can transform.

It can move mountains.

Change is hard.

Change is scary.


Change is necessary.

It is non-negotiable.

You are either changing for the better… or getting worse.

What we are currently facing, is a society that has collectively decided to change (finally).

To stop avoiding the uncomfortable.

Stop hiding our weaknesses.

Many people are scared, angry, or confused.

They are not like those of us who are used to spending time and energy on our most obstinate obstacles.

They are not comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Be patient with them.

Be a leader.

We know things are going to be hard.

But we also know that it will be worth it.

Thrive on.



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