Thrivestry podcast 014 EDC as a fitness program and concerts better than yoga

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Research has shown that experiences make you happier (than buying 'stuff'), your 'general physical preparedness' program should enable you to do the most stuff and take advantage of opportunities and challenges as they come up. I have come up with a graphic that provides a visual of this concept. The 4 components are Strength, Cardio, Skill, and Play. Where do physical activities fall on this chart? How can you use this chart to make sure you have the right amount of balance? 

Then we go on to talk about some "research" (using the term loosely) that points to the observation that going to live concerts may be better for longevity and well being than Yoga and dog walking.  Is this a real "study"? Why might this effect be real? Living in the moment vs watching the 'replay'. 

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